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About Company


World chemical fiber giants - Japan's Teijin Co., Ltd. in China's first investment project.
Founded in March 1994, with a total investment amount of 11,600,000,000Yen, with a total area of 35 million square meters.
Is mainly engaged in long-fiber polyester fabric weaving and dyeing process.
Always use a world-class cutting-edge patented technology and equipment, advanced technology and management models, and scientific testing means to achieve quality of their products.

Address: Development Zone,Nantong,Jiangsu,China
No.19 Zhongyang Rd,Nantong Economical&Technological
Domestic Offices:shanghai,guangzhou,dalian


NANTONG Factory:

Dyeing Workshop

Operator 20 (male)
High school, secondary school, the technical qualifications,
Practical, reliable, hard-working, able to adapt to shift-work.

Recruitment mode

First selection / Resume Screening
Second selection / interview (Location: Nantong)
Three selection / interview + health check-up (Location: Nantong)
※ interested in the following ways, please send your resume and copies of relevant certificates issued to this company.
Mail:Development Zone,Nantong,Jiangsu,China No.19 Zhongyang Rd,Nantong Economical&Technological Personnel Division(226009)
FAX:0513-83599818   E-mail:zhong_yue@teijin.com.cn

Note:(1) Please be sure to indicate candidate status at the resume page, candidates reasons, salary expectations, and the fastest entry time.
(2) We will be notified by telephone through a selection of the candidates come to interview, declined to call and own visit.